What’s up everyone! 

 I’ve decided to start a bulk and put on some quality lean muscle mass. And really increase my strength! I started a new series on my Youtube Channel called ” #PA7BEARMODE”

I’m documenting everything – strength progression, body weight, macros, and how I’m feeling. I’m excited to get strong and bring out the bear in me! Check out Episode #1 and please subscribe to my channel!



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– Customized Training Program

– Cardio Regiment

– Weekly Adjustment To Macros

– Weekly Check In’s

– 24/7 Email Response

– Supplement Recommendations

– Customized Meals Based On Your Food Likes

– Well Balanced Nutrition

– Sample Meal Plan

– Macro Breakdown For Each Meal

– Exact Measures Of Each Food Item Per Meal

– Eliminates Guess Work and Calculating


– Food Scale to Measure Food Amounts

– Body Weight Scale for Morning Weigh-In’s

– Consistency Staying on Track

– Quality Pictures Sent Weekly to View Progress to Make Proper Adjustments For Your Program

I would love to help you reach you goals! Whether it be building muscle, losing fat or even learning how to eat properly to support a healthy life!

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