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What do I eating in a normal non-cheat day?

In this video I take you through a full entire day with me. All the food I consumed along with the macro breakdown for each meal. I trained at Powerhouse Gym while explaining my training with a voiceover.

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Check out this quick but very effective ABS Routine!


A1. Sit Ups – Reps 12-15
A2. Lying Leg Lifts – Reps 12-15
A3. Bicycle Crunch – Reps 12-15
A4. Bench Jackknife – Reps 12-15

Do all exercises in a row with no rest.

That will be one set.

Rest for 90 seconds.

Repeat for 3 total sets.


Check out this video below as I demonstrate all the exercises and talk about how to make your abs revealed!


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Another Epic Cheat Day…

This cheat day I added a ton a variety with the content. Obviously you know D?NUTS are involved. I decided to answer some Questions that subscribers had asked. I skated some flat ground and included training footage with a voiceover. I hope you enjoy the video! ???

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