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What’s up everyone!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated my website. BUT.. I will be adding more content more frequently. Recipe videos, workouts, trick tips and more! I have been really active on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL. I’ve currently been in a cutting (dropping body fat) phase. The last couple videos I get into detail about my training, my macros and cardio throughout this Mini Cut. Be sure to check out the videos and Subscribe!

I have joined the HPN Supplements Team for those that did not know. High Performance Nutrition makes high quality products. And yes supplements are only a small piece to the overall picture. But they can aid in performance, recovery and fat loss! Check out my ELITE Profile on the site! I have my Performance Stack out now! This includes PRO(ZERO) Protein, V(1) Multi Vitamin and P(3) Pre training formula. I chose these products for my stack because they’re very beneficial. PRO(ZERO) protein is a high quality plant based protein. 100% dairy free and tastes amazing. Only 100 calories per full scoop and 20g of protein! V(1) Multi Vitamin is a well rounded micronutrient and mineral dense product. Diet is number 1 but V(1) helps you fill the vitamins and minerals you miss via the diet. Last but not least is P(3) pre training formula. P(3) is a non-stimulant focused product. With only 99mg of caffeine per full scoop. It gives you a nice boost to increase performance and help you train harder and longer! Another HIGHLY recommended supplement is PA(7) mTOR Elevator and Nutrient Partitioner! I have made some amazing muscle and strength gains with this supplement. It really works! Its a none hormonal driver and what it does is shuttle more nutrients toward muscle growth. My favorite supplement by far!

You can use Coupon Code SAVE10 and save 10% on all HPN Products.

The apparel I’m always rocking’ is Live Fit Apparel You can also use my Discount Code “NICKDLVFT” to save 10% on anything on the entire site!

I’am also accepting new clients! If you’re interested in getting in the shape of your life then sign up today! Summer will be here before you know it! Please enter your email and subscribe to stay updated with all the content for my website!

Thanks everyone!

– Nick Dompierre

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